16-y-o Boy Stabbed to Death by another Teenager in Highgate, St Mary

16-y-o Boy Stabbed to Death by another Teenager in Highgate, St Mary


The parish of St Mary joined the murderous onslaught that has greeted Jamaica in the new year, as a teenager was stabbed to death in Highgate in the parish on Thursday night.

The deceased has been identified as 16-year-old Tahir Puran, otherwise called ‘Bigga’, of Capture Land, Highgate in St Mary.

Tahir attended the St Mary Technical High School in Richmond and was expected to resume classes on Monday.

He was reportedly stabbed and killed during an altercation with another teenage boy with whom he had an ongoing dispute.

It is reported that on the day prior to the incident, both Tahir and the other teen – who is a student from the Corporate Area – had a dispute and were brought to the police station, where they were spoken to extensively by the officers to end the conflict.

They were later sent home.

However, on Thursday night, the dispute between the two boys took a fatal turn.

Reports are that at about 6:40 pm, both Puran and the teenager had another altercation, and a knife was used to inflict a wound to the left side of Puran’s chest.

He was assisted to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The other teen, who is said to have also been injured during the incident, was taken to the hospital, where he was treated and released into the custody of the police. He is to be questioned by investigators.