41-y-o Man Shot Dead by Gunman in Kingston

41-y-o Man Shot Dead by Gunman in Kingston


The Hunts Bay Police are investigating a shooting incident on Mandela Terrace, Kingston yesterday which has left one dead and two others nursing gunshot wounds.

Dead is 41-year-old Rohan Myers otherwise called ‘Dwayne Myers’ or ‘Stefano’ of Harbour View and Havendale addresses.

Police say a man and a woman, were also shot and wounded in the same incident.

Reports are that 9:40 p.m., Myers was in the company of two females when two men alighted from a motorcar and opened fire at the group.

All three persons ran while the gunmen continued firing shots at them.

Myers reportedly fell in the vicinity of a church where he was shot several times on the ground.

One of the women, and a man who was walking in the area at the time, were also shot.

The gunmen escaped in the motorcar.

Myers died on the spot while the wounded persons were taken to hospital for treatment.

Investigations continue.