62-y-o Man Throat Slashed and Stabbed Multiple Times in St Ann

62-y-o Man Throat Slashed and Stabbed Multiple Times in St Ann


The quiet rural community of Madras in St Ann was plunged into mourning on Monday, July 31, after an elderly man was found dead with several stab wounds and his throat slashed.

The deceased man has been identified as 62-year-old Willie Sawyers, a farmer of Madras in the parish.

Sawyers became the 37th murder victim in the parish since the start of the year.

Initial reports are that at about 11:30 p.m. on Sunday night, residents saw fire coming from the house of Sawyers and went to assist.

Despite several attempts to put out the blaze the house was destroyed.

Residents later made the gruesome discovery of Sawyers’ lifeless body under a tree close to the house.

The body had several stab wounds and the throat slashed, according to police sources.

The killing has left residents in the area in shock.

One member of the community took to social media and vented her anger at the killing.

“In all a my 47 years in Madras nothing like this never happen. Him (Willie Sawyers) live alone and someone really guh burn down the man yard and do him so. Stab him up! It sad. Rip Slim (Willie Sawyers). You shouldn’t go so,” the poster comments read.

In the meantime, police sources indicated that they have no motive for the killing at this time.