Bounty Killer Mouth Slips, Says “Tell dem, man a bow!”

Bounty Killer Mouth Slips, Says Tell dem, man a bow


The “5 Star General” Rodney Price, popularly known as Bounty Killer, made the biggest blunder of his career when he forgot the lyrics to his hit single ‘Man A Bad Man (Nuh Friend Fish).’

Killer has been the center of social media criticism after a video began to circulate, showing the artiste stumbling over his lines. “All addi real gangta dem whull out… cause wi nah follow nuh boy weh a buss nuh bow gun,” the killer uttered in his intro, getting the crowd hyped for what is undoubtedly one of the biggest song of his career.

“Tell dem, man a bow!.” said an obviously startled Bounty, who quickly realized he had made a mistake and urged the band to “Pull Up”.

Since then social media users have been sharing their thoughts. Check out a few below.


“Now this is a perfect example of what is called monkey brain ?? btw look it up ,but really and truly the artist need to stop this constant bashing like it is personally affecting them there are other things to dj about and Bounti is a good artist with a powerful presence focus on something else, name one crime caused by being a bowcat I’ll wait”

“?him come outta him shell to rasssclaaaaat killa seh him a bow cat and him love fish”

It’s Gonna Come Out One Way Or The Other ?

Bbc no sa dis sweet mi bad ‘ man a bow cat’ a weak to rass