Cheating man’s penis chopped off by lover in JAMAICA


Cheating man’s penis chopped off in JAMAICA

A graphic image of a man and his penis, separate and apart, after allegedly being chopped by his lover who became enraged that he gave oral sex outside their relationship, has been making the rounds online.

we understand that the incident may have occurred in Bull Bay, St Andrew, but checks by our news team with the police revealed that there is no report of the incident there.

However, an officer said he has heard about the image through friends who said they saw the photo online sometime last week.

We understand further that up to the time the photograph was taken, the alleged victim was still alive and being treated at hospital.

On popular social media website Facebook, at least two women acknowledged, through comments made, that the incident was a reality. However, the circumstances surrounding the act was not clear.

One person commented, “Yes, it’s true, they are from my community.”

Another comment read, “She found out that he cheated with a relative and even did oral sex, and because she never get it from him she hurt and chop it off, that wicked to a man still.”

A male who was in disbelief said, “No man, that nuh right. Nothing can’t go so, and dem say him still alive. Mi would rather die, she heartless.”

There were also users who suggested the picture be removed because of its explicit content.