Ishawna’s Mother Breaks her Silence on Criminal Past Accusation by Danielle D.I.

Ishawna's Mother Breaks her Silence on Criminal Past Accusation by Danielle D.I.


Ishawna’s mother is setting the record straight following Danielle D.I’s accusations that she’s currently incarcerated.

“Yuh a talk bout mi live wid mi madda gwan chat / your mother live a jail ask the new york cops,” D.I deejayed in her latest diss track ‘Street Bicycle.’

However according to Miss Jackie, the ‘Rebel’ singer’s claims couldn’t be any further from the truth as she’s happily enjoying her freedom.

While the mother of two admitted to having a few run-ins with the law in the past, she said all those issues have been sorted and she’s now living a different life.

“I was never imprisoned,” she said. “I had some minor issues with the law and was on immigration hold temporarily at one point however that was over two years ago, my lawyer was paid too, i don’t owe anyone money,” she added.

Jackie also chimed in on Ishawna feuding with Danielle D.I saying while she’s against the two women taking jabs at each other, however that’s how they make their money.

“I would prefer if she was in war with anyone, worst another female but that’s the entertainment business, how they feed their family,” she said.

However was confident that the ‘Equal Rights’ singer will come out victorious, “Ishawna can handle herself and has a strong head, she was taught from an early age to work hard for what she wants out of life and if she feels like someone is violating, she will defend her name.”

Source: The Tropix