Andrew (JLP) May Lose In His Constituency To Patrick (PNP)


Andrew Holness (JLP) May Lose In His Constituency To Patrick Roberts (PNP) Said Delano Franklyn

The People’s National Party (PNP) trusts that its contender for West Central St Andrew, Patrick Roberts, has a decent chance of winning the Opposition Leader Andrew Holness.

Roberts, the creator of Shocking Vibes Records and councilor for the Molynes Gardens division of the constituency, lost by 1,039 votes to Holness in the 2011 General Election.

He is predicted to do much better against the Jamaica Labor Party (JLP) pioneer this time around, against the foundation of his execution as a councilor and a solid crusade group that incorporates previous JLP MP Joan Gordon-Webley.

Delano Franklyn, crusade representative of PNP, proclaimed the gathering’s expectation in the voting demographic at a question and answer session prior this week.

“The primary objective is to ensure that we retain all 42 seats and to win others where we can, and one of those that we are focusing on as best as we can, because we believe that we have a real chance in that particular constituency, is the one where the incumbent is currently the leader of the Opposition… we will be doing every thing that we can to bring that constituency into the willing column of the PNP,” Franklyn explained.

Credit: Loop Jamaica | Read it here