PHOTO: Asafa Introduces His Son – Meet Liam Powell


Asafa Introduces His Son – Meet Liam Powell

The former world record holder Asafa Powell made the bold move of intruding his son Liam Powell to his thousands of social network followers for the Valentine’s holiday.

Powell’s photo of his son alongside his daughter was greeted with with mix reactions but for the most part persons expressed their joy to to meet another of his kids and even pointed out how much he resembles his famous father.

The “Sub 10 King” posted a photo of Liam and Avani Powell holding hands in true sibling fashion with the caption: “A lot of you may not know but I do have a son. My kids are everything to me and all I want for Valentine’s Day. My personal life has nothing to do with my professional life so it’s really nobody’s business, but today I’m posting my Valentines … Meet Avani Powell and Liam Powell. #myheartbeats  #prouddad,”.

As you know, it wouldn’t have been complete if persons didn’t chime in wondering the child’s age and who is the mother of Liam. It has been public knowledge that Asafa had a daughter with TV personality Amita Webb but to date there hasn’t been any knowledge of his son’s existence. Some even commented that both child seem to be of the same age and that his son was a product of Asafa’s infidelities.


“Y u take so long to show us your love for this cutie. Hope u havent been denying him of anything else. TWIN. AM”

“Lovely kids Asafa… don’t mind people saying this and that, your life, your business”

“Need to see more of Liam he deserves the same public attention as Avani it’s only fair.”

“Mek yuh did hide dis from mi”

“Watch everyone go look for the mother now. ?”