Residents Protest Killing by Police Officer in Boscobel, St Mary

Residents Protest Killing of Police Officer in Boscobel, St Mary


Minister of National Security Robert Montague appealed to an angry crowd in Boscobel, St Mary on Thursday morning to share with law enforcement officials what they know about the fatal police shooting of a resident last evening.

Montague, who is member of parliament for the area where the shooting took place, also asked residents to allow the clearing of roads which were blocked by them in their fiery protests.

The residents have since cleared the blockage and traffic is now moving.

The victim, who has only been identified by his alias “Blessed”, of Gully Road in Boscobel, was shot by police officers on Wednesday night.

The police claimed that ‘Blessed’, who operated a shop in the area, pulled an illegal gun on them during an attempt to apprehend him.

However, the residents tell a different story – that ‘Blessed’ was wrongfully killed.

Montague, who arrived at the area sometime after 11 am, said he needed witnesses to speak to the police in order for the probe to begin.

He urged the residents to also tell the police commissioner, George Quallo, who accompanied him, their side of the story about the shooting.

The minister also spoke privately with the mother of the man who was fatally shot.

Traffic stood at a standstill for hours along the Boscobel main road on Thursday morning amid the protest, despite the efforts by police officers to clear the roadblocks staged by the Gully Road residents after the killing of one of their own.