Student Taken into Police Custody Following Shooting Threats at Wolmer’s Boys’



A second suspect is now in custody in connection to the incident where a student of the institution reportedly threatened to carry out a mass shooting at Wolmer’s Boys’ School in Kingston on Monday.

High-level police sources from the Counter-Terrorism and Organised Crime (C-TOC) arm of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) told Loop News that the suspect was taken in custody on Monday and is still being questioned at this time.

The second suspect has been described as a past student of a prominent high school in the parish of Kingston, but the source did not disclose if that meant Wolmer’s Boys’ School.

The latest suspect is being questioned alongside the student who is believed to have sent an audio clip issuing threats that he was planning to become the next school shooter.

Police said the student who is believed to have issued the threat is being questioned for the second time since the incident was reported on Monday.

They said the Wolmer’s student, whose parents were also brought into the picture, was taken to medical experts on Monday to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

Head of C-TOC, Assistant Commissioner Fitz Bailey, when contacted by Loop News a short while ago, confirmed the reports, but declined to disclose too much about the investigation.

Police sources, however, said the second student is being questioned to find out in what ways, and to what extent, he may have influenced the student who is believed to have issued the threats.

The sources said while no action has been taken against the offending student so far, his actions could have seriously implications for him if he intends to travel overseas, as such actions are viewed extremely seriously by most overseas authorities.

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