Taxi Driver Stabbed to Death by Cyclist for ‘Bad Driving’

Taxi Driver Stabbed to Death by Cyclist for 'Bad Driving'


Condemnation has greeted the stabbing death of a Brown’s Town, St Ann taxi operator over an alleged ‘bad driving’ incident with a motorcyclist, in the town on Wednesday evening.

The deceased is 34-year-old Nicholas Fowler, also known as ‘Pablo’, of Calderwood District in the parish, who operated on the Brown’s Town to Alexandria route.

Police reports were that about 8:00 p.m., Fowler and the motorcyclist got into a dispute, during which a knife was used to stab the taxi driver several times.

Fowler was taken to hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The motorcyclist is now in police custody.

Alleged eyewitnesses said the motorcyclist accused Fowler of “bad driving” him before stabbing him several times.

Outrage has reportedly been expressed on social media at the low value that has been placed on human life, resulting in a fatal stabbing for a simple ‘bad driving’ allegation.

The deceased man was described as a quiet and calm individual.