The Man Who Allegedly Shot Bogle’s Baby Mother – Tanya


The Man Who Allegedly Shot Bogle’s Baby Mother – Tanya

Tanya Levy, the baby mother of popular deceased dancer Bogle, was reportedly shot in Atlanta, Georgia, on Monday night.

Although details surrounding the incident are sketchy, various online sources say the woman was shot at a party in Atlanta and was hospitalized following the incident.

Since then, several persons took to social media to wish the woman a speedy recovery, while offering some insight into the incident. One user confirmed that Levy was indeed shot at a party and was at the hospital preparing to undergo surgery.

Other users expressed anger at persons on the scene who failed to help Levy, while she laid on the ground unconscious.

“Manners and respect to everyone who stayed and helped Tanya after the incident occurred,” one person said. “Di rest of unuh Georgia people weh just stand up and a watch her and nuh do nutten need fi go s… unu madda.”

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Some persons also offered prayer as Levy goes through the recovery process.

“Whatever it is that lead to this sad situation, right now, we put it in God’s hands. Just asking all my FB (Facebook) prayer warrior to put Tanya at the altar right now in prayers. We know there is nothing too hard for God to do and prayers work so pray her healing right now and safe recovery my friends in Jesus name,” expressed one user.

Although most persons asked for a speedy recovery, some accused Levy of being a trouble maker.

Persons also speculated about the identity of the possible shooter, but this was not confirmed up to news time.

In 2005 Levy’s babyfather, Bogle was shot dead at a gas station along Constant Spring Road, St Andrew.

A popular Blog Website Posted a Photo of the man they suspected to be the shooter seen below


Wanted by Badman and POLICE Dead or Alive Rich or Bruck….this is the waste man that shot Bogles Babymother Tonya Instyle sunday night at Shampoo Sundays @Redhills sportsbar and lounge…she wasnt no threat to no one for him too commit such a stupid act…also theres a reward for his arrest you can call Atlanta Police Department with any information