VIDEO: Dexta Daps ‘BUSS’ A Fan After Security Pushes Him Off Stage


Dexta Daps ‘BUSS’ A Fan After Security Pushes Him Off Stage

The “7 eleven” DeeJay Dexta Daps, made a fan’s wishes come through at the recent staging of ‘Spring Break’ in Tobago after he allowed a man to perform with him.

The security guard stationed on-stage at the time of Dap’s performance noticed a man attempting to climb the stage and was quickly pushed back into the crowd.

After seeing what went down, Dap’s decided to break protocol and pulled the man on stage during his set and asked him to performed a portion of his hit single ‘Shabba Madda Pot’. But instead the man decided to perform one of his own lyrics which sent the crowd into a frenzy.

Last month, news had broken about a similar situation with ‘Unruly’ DeeJay Popcaan; while performing in Antigua where a fan decided to climb on stage and was pushed by a Police officer.

Poppy attempted to help the fan by telling the officer “me tell you say you caan deal wid dem so rough” but he was then pushed by the police and the artiste was later arrested and fined.