VIDEO: Portia Simpson-Miller Says “Andrew No Longer My Son”


Portia Simpson-Miller Disowns Andrew Holness

People’s National Party (PNP) leader Portia Simpson-Miller seems to be disappointed in some of the statements made by Andrew Holness in his recent public appearances.

Miller stated that she is not an “an Anansi politician” unlike the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) members who she suggested were only making empty promises to the people of Jamaica. Simpson-Miller went as far as to sever all ties to Andrew Holness to whom she once held in high regards and once considered him to be like her “son”

“He is now a big man, but if he was my child, he would have been behaving differently,” Portia Simpson-Miller explained yesterday.

“He is no longer my son. I still love him, but he is not my son.” “I believe in us, I believe we must work hard for progress so that we can take the Jamaican people along a pathway of progress and of development,” she added.

“They were calling for us to call the election, and now that I call it, they are complaining. What is their problem? Is it because they can’t win why they have a problem?

“They have been saying we should call election; I listened. I called it. I give them what they want. Now what is it now they want from me? The only thing I am going to do now is give them a good whipping the night of the elections,” said Portia Simpson-Miller.

News Credit: Jamaica Gleaner


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