VIDEO: Woman BASH Portia And PNP Party On a Bus


Woman BASH Portia Simpson-Miller And PNP Party On a Bus

An obviously frustrated woman decided to vent while travelling on a JUTC bus. The woman went on a rant about Portia Simpson-Miller methodologies or lack thereof; while explaining just how much she is in favour of Andrew Holness and the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP).

The woman alleged in the video that Simpson-Miller is the owner of several properties in countries all over the world and with that notion she is unreachable if one should be in need and try to make contact;  Holness on the other hand has built his house in Jamaica and according to the woman “If me hungry me can siddung a Andrew gate”.

The over 2 minutes long video has been gathering momentum on social network leaving it viewers divided. Some have stated that they agree 100% while others dispute these claims expressed them to be nothing more than utter rubbish from an obvious biased and angry woman.


Despite this video of a citizen bashing the Minister of Parliament Portia Simpson-Miller and the People’s National Party, the statistics have indicated that they are still the favourite and a recent forecast has predicted them to be the winners of this General Elections.

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