Woman Beats Child with Machete – Mother now in Custody

Woman Beats Child with Machete - Mother now in Custody


The Office of the Children’s Advocate has strongly condemned the actions of a mother who was seen in a video circulated on social media beating her daughter mercilessly with a machete.

“We condemn the behaviour of the mother, for even if the mother feels that she is justified in approaching the child to deal with a particular issue, there are ways to impact and impose discipline on children without resorting to violence,” Children’s Advocate Diahann Gordon Harrison expressed on Monday morning.

She praised the quick action of the police force, who only hours after the video began circulating on social media, took the mother and daughter into custody. It is unclear whether the child in question will be taken into state care and what will happen to any other children in the woman’s care.

“We don’t have all the information at this time. However, now that woman has been arrested, the relevant agencies can now come in and attempt to repair the relationship between the mother and daughter. Members of the office of the Children’s Advocate are now in St Thomas and once they have been debriefed, we can make a better assessment of the situation,” she said.

In the half-a-minute long video, the half-naked woman could be seen grabbing the girl’s clothes while putting on several lashes onto the child with the middle section of the machete.

“Look how much time me talk to you and you nah hear,” the woman said: “Mi tired a unu, mi tired a [expletive removed] unu.”

Even a dog, who appeared to try to get between the woman and the child, was hit.

Checks with the Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) revealed that the mother had not yet been charged up until 10 am.

The CCU said that both mother and daughter had been interviewed.

According to the CCU, the incident took place last November in Bath, St Thomas.

The video sparked outrage on social media Sunday.