Woman Shot in the Buttocks by Gunmen at a Lottery Ticket Outlet

Woman Shot in the Buttocks by Gunmen at a Lottery Ticket Outlet


A young woman, now nursing a gunshot wound, may well be still alive because of the intervention of a licensed firearm holder, who foiled an attempted robbery at a lottery ticket outlet in Hillside, on the outskirts of this Mandeville town on Tuesday night.

According to the police, there was a similar robbery at another lottery outlet earlier in the afternoon at George’s Valley, also on the outskirts of Mandeville.

Reports are that, in the Hillside incident, a gunman brandished a gun about 7:35 pm and ordered the shop attendant to turn over money. However, the young woman ran. The gunman fired a single shot hitting her in the buttocks.

A licensed firearm holder, who was at the business place, challenged the armed robber and there was an exchange of gunshots. The gunman fled the scene.

Police said the licensed firearm holder was not hurt and they are unsure if the gun assailant was shot.

Earlier, about 5:45 pm, two gunmen robbed a lottery ticket attendant of cash in George’s Valley. The police suspect the two incidents are related.

Hempford Wade, Deputy Superintendent of Police in charge of criminal investigations in Manchester, said investigators were making progress.

“We are getting intelligence that we are following up on and we are hoping that we can make arrests,” Wade said.