Young Girls Sending Lewd Photos To Jamaican Male Teachers


Young Girls Stalking Jamaican Male Teachers – “girls were sending.. lewd images and suggestive text messages”

According to a recent article posted by the Jamaica Gleaner. Female students are now aggressively forcing themselves onto male teachers in an attempt to initiate sexual relationships. Girls as young as age 14 have been reportedly sending lewd photos and text messages as a means to lure the male authority figures.

“The risks are great for a young male teacher,” admitted Clayton Hall, former president of the Jamaica Teachers’ Association (JTA) who spoke with the Jamaica Gleaner.

“I had to come to the defence of a teacher recently after he received sexually explicit photos from a student. The child’s parents saw the photos and called in the police, and officers from CISOCA (the Centre for Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse) came in,” said Hall.

“The parents believed he was soliciting their child. Luckily for him, a series of reprimands were part of the messaging thread and those proved to be his get-out-of-jail card. Without it, he would have been arrested,” added Hall.

Teachers are being warned to report the matter to CISOCA or the police authorities immediately because being caught with images of a minor on your cellphone could lead to serious charges whether they were forcibly sent to you by the minor.

“In this dispensation, I have had male teachers complain to me about the situation. It becomes very problematic for the teacher when you look at the Child Care and Protection Act, which considers you guilty until you can prove otherwise,” said Hall.

Reporting the matter to the child’s parents first hand could lead to serious repercussions as the child could explain that the teacher made the advances and plead her innocence.

Story Credit: Jamaica Gleaner | Read Full Story Here